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The La Colline physiotherapy centre has several practices in the canton of Geneva, Switzerland. The team, composed of physiotherapists with various training and specialisms, offers its patients a wide range of physiotherapy techniques to best respond to their needs.

The centre chose Némésis studio to develop its online presence.

Online since:
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The physiotherapists complained of a lack of visibility in the face of strong competition when searching on Google.

At that time, the centre had its own page on the Hirslanden Clinique La Colline website and placed ads online via Google AdWords.

Goal 1

Develop and put online a responsive website with natural SEO for each physiotherapy centre.

Goal 2

Develop and increase the visibility of the various physiotherapy centres listed locally in Geneva via local SEO.

Goal 3

Provide local SEO for the different physiotherapy centres via Google AdWords

“The site had a lot of potential, but its obsolescence prevented us from adding anything new. The redesign has been highly beneficial as it has significantly increased turnover.”

 – Julie – Project manager – Némésis studio –

Digital solutions implemented

SEO audit

As the La Colline physiotherapy centre is located in Geneva, Switzerland and our design offices are based in France, we used VPNs and Swiss search engines throughout the project. This allowed us to obtain the most reliable audit results possible.

Study of the status quo

The first step in our audit was to analyse the contents of the physiotherapy centre's existing page on the clinic's website. This page contained very little text (around 100 words) and was probably not optimised enough to achieve good indexing online. However, by studying the centre's positioning in search engine results, this page could be found thanks to general awareness of the Hirslanden Clinique La Colline site. But this awareness was not sufficient to cope with the all-too-present competition.

Study of the competition

Secondly, we sought to learn more about the physiotherapy centre's competitors. The sector proved to be highly competitive. After listing the main competitors by searching key phrases related to the physiotherapy sector, we looked at the keywords and content they used to come up with a list of phrases and content to use.

Study of the target

The main target had already been identified: people seeking a physiotherapist in and around Geneva. However, in order to create relevant content for internet users, we studied this target to deduce more precise ones: people in need of rehabilitation, elderly people suffering from pain, pregnant women, etc.

Creation of a website

Taking into account the needs, the conclusions of our audit and the physiotherapy centre's budget, the most suitable solution proved to be a site based on the WordPress CMS. For the site's graphics, the choice fell on a premium theme that we customised. The result is modern, attractive and intuitive. Photographs taken by a photographer with the physiotherapists visually present the world of the La Colline physiotherapy centres. One of the constraints of the project was to give online users quick access to useful information from the various centres so that they could make an appointment. Numerous entrances allow quick access to the different centres. For slightly lost users, a store locator allows them to quickly find their nearest centre.

Implementation of a content writing strategy

As this project focused on natural SEO, it was imperative to implement a coherent content writing strategy. Based on the existing content of the centre's page on the clinic site and that provided by the client, we optimised the site's text. We used the entire lexical field of physiotherapy to position the site on key phrases and offer interesting texts for both internet users and Google.

Optimisation of local indexing

To optimise the site's local indexing, we optimised each centre's Google My Business account.

Implementation of AdWords campaigns

The La Colline physiotherapy centre was already using AdWords campaigns to position itself in Google results via an account shared by the entire clinic. The centre wanted its own account to gain greater control over campaign monitoring. We therefore took care of creating and configuring the account and then implementing the AdWords campaigns.

Technical details:

Development of a site via the open-source WordPress CMS.

Indexing and SEO.

Integration of the Google Maps API.

Development of an anti-spam solution to protect the centres’ email addresses.

Compliance with W3C-certified HTML5 coding standards

Use of Photoshop for visual processing

Use of Google Fonts

Optimisation for different screen sizes

Compatibility with all current browsers

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