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Since 2003, Némésis studio has supported companies seeking to improve their data management. We use our expertise to help you digitise and optimise your management systems so you can make optimal use of your data. As a result, you gain a powerful data management system that offers you new business opportunities.

What is data management?

Data management covers all the processes designed to integrate, store, organise and maintain your company’s data. For your data management system to be effective, it is imperative to address issues of data accuracy, availability and accessibility. To do this, your data management tools must have a multidisciplinary design that keeps the organised data accurate and consistent while being accessed by different users.

The benefits of optimising data management

The decision to optimise data management is not always an easy one. This is all the more true if the current methods have been in place for a long time. However, data management brings many benefits:

Reduced management times and costs

A good data strategy (sourcing, modelling, protection, exploitation, etc.) ensures that only relevant data and media are kept. As a result, your management costs and times can be significantly reduced. Likewise, implementing technologies such as cloud computing can simplify access to information. This allows your teams to find and enter data more quickly and easily.

Better data quality management

Numerous optimisation processes can be implemented to ensure the quality of your data. To do this, it is often necessary to standardise formats, limit possible human errors or set up data lifecycle management. But optimisation can go further, e.g. by using open data or implementing big data management strategies or data analytics.

Highlighting new opportunities

Quality data used in a relevant way can be a source of crucial information for your company. For example, you could follow your company's key metrics live through a dedicated workflow or even use predictive analytics to be one step ahead of your competitors. Data technologies (machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence) give you an infinite field of possibilities.
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Némésis studio's expertise

Since 2003, Némésis studio has been developing innovative custom digital solutions and supporting companies seeking to digitise their business.
Whatever you need (big data management, artificial intelligence, KPI tracking, CRM, ERP, SRM, PDM, etc.), we support you throughout your project. Thanks to our agile approach, our team doesn’t just develop your project. We help you see further and design powerful and competitive tools.

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