Got an idea for a connected object but don't know how to make it happen?

Since 2003, Némésis studio has been offering custom solutions for all your prototyping and IoT projects. If you’re looking for a passionate provider to bring your digital tool to life, our team of experts can support you throughout your project. We work in complete transparency for you and your customers: white label, subcontracting or directly.

Our expertise in prototyping and IoT

Némésis studio is composed of a passionate team specialised in different domains that straddle engineering, IT, technology, electronics, systems (IT), connected objects and embedded systems. We develop complete solutions integrating both electronics and software.
We can support your projects regardless of their complexity: embedded systems, communicating objects, connected objects, smart objects, Internet of Things, automated industrial systems, etc.

Our prototyping and IoT solutions

At Némésis studio, we work alongside you to provide advice on choosing the best technology for your needs, in prototyping (POC) during feasibility studies, in software and hardware development services, and in technical support.
Our services cover many areas but for more complex requests requiring specific skills, we can recommend the services of qualified professionals. Némésis studio thus offers a turnkey solution for your prototyping and IoT projects.

We study your project as a whole. This step aims to identify all your needs as well as all your technical and economic constraints. The goal of this analysis is to define the criteria for selecting the most suitable solutions for your project. It also facilitates a feasibility study in order to minimise your risks while optimising the associated time and costs.
The results of this study are detailed in a document summarising the action plan, the software and hardware architecture and the assessment of the costs and time required.

At this stage, we carefully select each component of your project (electronic components, technologies, supports, etc.) in order to optimize the functioning of your product / prototype. Each element is studied to ensure its coherence with the project (example: need for low energy consumption to optimize the autonomy of your product).

Prototyping is generally done in several phases to optimize the results:

  • Phase 1: We will make a first functional prototype that we test to verify its compliance with the specifications.
  • Phase 2: Depending on the results of phase 1, we adapt and optimize the non-conforming elements in order to produce a second optimal prototype.

According to your needs, we can realize your prototypes but also accompany you in the search of industrial service providers for the mass production of your products. Our expertise allows us to select qualified companies according to the field and the production volumes you need.

If needed, we offer you a quality technical support to help you manage any post-production problem (deployment, integration…). The technical support is ensured by direct contact with the person in charge of your project in order to guarantee you a perfect follow-up.

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The benefits of prototyping and IoT

Many entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies hesitate to call on a specialist company for the development of their project. However, this support can bring many benefits:

Avoid design errors

Calling on a specialist company like Némésis studio ensures that you avoid design errors linked to unfamiliarity with the field. Fewer errors mean lower costs and therefore more budget to develop your project.

Confirm the feasibility

Whatever your needs (POC – Proof of Concept, Prototype or MVP – Minimum Viable Product), we support you during all the phases of designing your product to ensure its functional and operational feasibility.

Test your project with your target

To avoid failure when launching your product, we help you design a test version of your project to gather feedback and impressions from your target on the basic concepts of your product.

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