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Since 2003, Némésis studio has been offering custom solutions for all your digitisation projects. f you’re looking for a passionate provider to produce an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), our team of experts can support you throughout your project. We work in complete transparency for you and your customers: white label, subcontracting or directly.

Our expertise in MVP

Our team takes inspiration from agile methods to develop your MVP. We work in two-week sprints that integrate planning, development, testing and revisions for visible and continuous progress throughout the project. The latest advances are deployed at the end of each sprint. As a result, your product evolves every two weeks.

Our MVP solutions If you're slow to turn your idea into reality, there is an increased risk that your competitors will beat you to it.

If you’re slow to turn your idea into reality, there is an increased risk that your competitors will beat you to it. Thanks to our agile development process and many years of experience, you get a functional version of your project as soon as possible with all the basic characteristics ready to be tested by your users:

Design support

To be effective, your MVP must only contain functionalities that are essential to meet your first objectives (e.g. quick online upload, concrete presentation to investors, collection of initial user feedback, etc.). To do this, we help you design your MVP and define the essential features we will develop as a priority.

Front-end and back-end development

Once your expectations are well defined, the development phase can begin. Using agile methods, we develop quickly and efficiently (2-week sprint). By the end, your MVP is functional and has all the basic features and functionalities. Your software is ready to be tested by users or presented to investors according to your initial objectives.

Maintenance and upgrades

Want to modify your MVP or evolve it to become proper complete software? Our team performs the maintenance and upgrades you need. We favour technologies widely used by developers, often free and open-source, to guarantee the longevity and portability of your software.
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The benefits of MVP

Many entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies hesitate to call on a specialist company to develop their MVP. However, this support can bring many benefits:

Reduced time to market

Our team helps you design a functional tool that you can quickly bring to market. You then have a better chance of presenting your product to your target before your competitors. Likewise, you limit the risk that your tool does not meet the expectations of your users, whose needs change.

Proof of concept

Your MVP is ideal for proving (or not) the main concepts of your project in real situations. Depending on the results, you can secure your investments by making decisions based on your various observations. You could, for example, list improvements to optimise your concepts or decide to review your entire project.

User feedback

The MVP is a perfect tool for testing your projects on your users and collecting their feedback. This allows you to develop your product optimally and give your users great satisfaction. Likewise, involving your target is a great way to build loyalty and thereby facilitate your launch.

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Our team is available to help define your expectations and propose reliable and economical solutions. We can develop the custom features you need to address all your challenges and boost your business.