Agile Approach & DevOps Culture

Since 2003, Némésis studio has been supporting companies seeking to digitise their business processes. Our methodological approach has evolved over the course of the projects, inspired by DevOps culture. his enables us to offer you concrete and effective solutions so that your digital projects come to life in the best possible conditions.

Our project approach is inspired by agile methods. Agility is how we guarantee you an end result that meets all your needs. In fact, thanks to your continuous feedback and validation at each stage, we can make changes throughout the project and thereby make it evolve.

Pre-project (feasibility study)

Before starting the development of your project, we make it a point of honour to conduct a feasibility study. This consists in studying the opportunities of the project. We check the viability of your project as well as the economic and organisational consequences it may have for your company and ours.

Technical feasibility

We evaluate the technical possibilities and any compatibility, security, infrastructure and maintenance issues related to your project.

Operational feasibility

We gain an understanding of whether the proposed solutions will fully address your company's challenges and how they may affect its day-to-day operation.

Temporal feasibility

We estimate the time needed to complete the project, to determine whether potential deadlines can be met and to meet your needs.

Economic feasibility

Depending on the project, we assess its financial feasibility by proposing solutions suited to your budget or responding to a long-term digitisation strategy.
Start (project launch)

Once the feasibility studies have been completed and prove that the project is viable, it can be launched. At this stage, we identify the technical solutions best suited to your needs (back-end, middle-ware, front-end, infrastructure, etc.) and together define the organisation and priorities of the project. When everything is OK, the project can really begin.

An iterative and incremental method

Our method works in iterative and incremental mode. This means we divide the project into “sprints” (usually 2 weeks) during which we develop specific functionalities. Throughout the sprints, we use the Kanban method to keep track of tasks. When one sprint is finished, another one begins and so on. Each sprint is divided into four main steps:

Step 1

This phase is the most important because it aims to precisely define the expected functionalities. We discuss it together in order to transcribe your functional and operational needs in a product backlog specifying the scope of the upcoming sprint (functionalities, deadlines, costs, quality, etc.). This is also the stage when adaptations (addition/removal/modification) are defined with respect to previous renderings (incrementation).

Step 2

Build & Run
The functionalities defined in the backlog are the subject of a development cycle with a predetermined duration. At Némésis studio, we usually do 2-week sprints. Every functionality developed is carefully tested by our team on our demo environment. This way, we ensure its proper functioning as well as compliance with the initial request (compliance with the conditions of commissioning, production launch, RUN) and its integration into the overall project.

Step 3

The functionalities developed are deployed on the staging and/or pre-production environment. All new features are submitted to you for testing and validation before deployment in production. At this stage, you list all your feedback for the build that has just been completed. Our development team then makes minor fixes as part of the sprint in progress. Big changes are made during a future sprint.

Step 4

The validated functionalities (launch of production + GO) are deployed on the production environment. All added functionalities are subject to post-production testing to ensure the tool functions properly overall. For functionalities that require application time (such as crontab), tests are planned over time.
Maintenance & upgrades

Since a digital project is an evolving project, we offer a third-party application maintenance service. Once your project is complete, we ensure not only technical updates, but also the addition, modification and removal of functionalities. You are thus assured of a tool that is always efficient and meets your needs.

Trust us with your digital project
Our team is available to help define your expectations and propose reliable and economical solutions. We can develop the custom features you need to address all your challenges and boost your business.