Need personalised training to master your new web tool?

Since 2003, Némésis studio has been offering custom solutions for all your digitisation projects. Our team of experts can support you throughout your project and even afterwards, by offering you personalised training to get started with your new tools. We work in complete transparency for you and your customers: white label, subcontracting or directly.

Our expertise in training

Némésis studio is referenced on DataDock as an approved training organisation under number 11930770893. With many years’ experience in the digital field, our team shares its knowledge according to your training needs: getting started with a new functionality or tool, using particular software, etc.

Our training solution

For any training, we develop an agreement and a custom programme. Our training can thus be taken care of by your collective training body.
Individually or in groups, we gladly dispense with academic lessons in favour of real-life training. We believe that practising with a new work tool is the best way to master it and thus quickly become autonomous and operational.

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The benefits of training

Companies hesitate or do not necessarily think of calling on a specialist company for training. However, this support can bring many benefits:

Support the digitisation of your company

Digitising a company is not always easy, especially if the changes are significant for the teams. Training your employees can be a great way to reduce their resistance to change.

Acquire good practices

Your users don't all have the same level or approach when it comes to digital technology. Good training in your new tools can help limit misuse and bad habits linked to your teams' lack of digital knowledge.

Improve performance

Good training in your new tools can help your users limit errors, acquire good practices or even master new functionalities. Your team gains in efficiency and you'll notice a significant overall performance gain.

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Trust us with your digital project

Our team is available to help define your expectations and propose reliable and economical solutions. We can develop the custom features you need to address all your challenges and boost your business.