Got a digital project in the automotive field and looking for a company to develop it?

Since 2003, we have been developing custom solutions to suit your various digitisation projects. Over these years, we have had the opportunity to support many companies in the automotive sector (consulting and digital services). We have thus naturally acquired very good knowledge of this sector both nationally and internationally.

Our expertise in the automotive industry

Custom projects for companies in the automotive industry.

Companies in the automotive sector often have very specific needs that require custom solutions. To meet their needs, we provide support in the form of consulting and/or digital services. Some examples are below.

We support companies in complete transparency: white label, subcontracting or directly.

Some digital service references

Polygone de fond - Némésis studio

Some consulting services

  • Analysis of manufacturer, OEM and auto mechanic product databases
  • 2-wheel consultant
  • Consultant on insurance (second-hand and manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Securing (testing and advice)
  • Consulting on technological choice
  • Email routing
  • Cloud computing
  • Optimisation of digital solutions

Trust us with your digital project

Our team is available to help define your expectations and propose reliable and economical solutions. We can develop the custom features you need to address all your challenges and boost your business.