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GiPA (Groupement inter Professionnel de l’Automobile) is an international market research group. The company, which conducts research in over 20 countries, specialises in automotive after-sales.

GiPA has relied on our team for many years to create and maintain its various digital tools.

GiPA website:
Online since:
PHP / MySQL / HTML5 / CSS3 / Bootstrap


GiPA had a nearly 10-year-old extranet using ageing technologies. This obsolescence limited the tool’s evolution. GiPA wanted its new extranet to be more fluid and ergonomic and to offer new functionalities to the tool’s various users.

Goal 1

Completely overhaul the software, integrating old and new functionalities.

Goal 2

Modernise the interfaces while integrating GiPA's new graphic charter.

Goal 3

Provide ergonomic interfaces and a seamless user experience.


Eric DEVOS photo


President & CEO - GiPA Group
"Némésis studio has been working with us for more than 15 years in the creation and evolution of our website and in the creation and development of our extr@net, which our clients have been praising for years! A very professional team."
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Analyst Developer – Némésis studio
"We have designed the GiPA extranet to be scalable. Thus we can add, modify or remove functionalities according to the needs of the group's teams or those of their customers and partners. "

Digital solutions implemented

Study of the status quo

The first step in our audit was to analyse the existing extranet and how the GiPA team and external users made use of it. We were thus able to precisely define the functionalities to keep, those to modify or remove, and those to add in order to best meet the group's needs.

Proposal of new solutions

In the second step, we precisely defined the solutions best suited to GiPA's needs based on our study. We drew up very complete functional specifications so that GiPA could validate our solutions.

Development of the extranet

Taking into account the needs and the conclusions of our audit, we developed the new extranet and its various functionalities. We based it on a graphic theme that we customised to match the new graphic charter and to develop interfaces on intuitive custom interfaces with a responsive design. We integrated a large amount of accessible data according to users' rights. Finally, we translated the extranet into 12 languages.


We monitor the tools put in place (technical updates and added functionalities).

Technical details:

Responsive design

Secure connection

Multilingual: 12 languages

Management of user rights and profiles

Access to a customer view for administrators

Document management: upload, create, modify, delete

XLS and PDF data export

Generation of tables and graphs

Global search engine

Notification system


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