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Buisson, a food wholesaler for professional customers, has been based in the heart of the Rungis international market since 1982. The company has built a solid reputation, both in terms of the quality of the products it sells and the efficiency of its services.

It was regarding this last point that Buisson called on Némésis studio to modernise its business management system.

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The Buisson team complained of a loss of performance in its business management software, which enabled them to manage their customers, orders and supplier arrivals.

After the company responsible for maintenance closed down, this software – developed in the 1990s – had no longer been maintained since 2008.

Goal 1

Completely overhaul the software, integrating old and new functionalities.

Goal 2

Modernise the interfaces while maintaining the existing user journey.

Goal 3

Maintain the "all-keyboard" operation of some existing functionalities.


Philippe AMMICHE photo

Philippe AMMICHE

General Manager - Buisson SA
"From a blank page, the Némésis studio team was able to create the perfect tool for our development. The rigor and precision during our exchanges were a source of great satisfaction. Bravo team!"
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Analyst Developer – Némésis studio
"The software used by Buisson was working very well, but its obsolescence prevented it from being adapted to the team's new needs. Thanks to process optimization, the new solutions have allowed Buisson to gain in productivity. "

Digital solutions implemented

Study of the status quo

The first step in our audit was to analyse the tools in place and how the Buisson team used them. We were thus able to precisely define the functionalities to keep, those to modify or remove, and those to add in order to best meet Buisson's needs.

Proposal of new solutions

In the second step, we defined the solution best suited to Buisson's needs based on our study. We reached a solution divided into four interconnected pieces of software: intranet (used by the Buisson team to manage customer, supplier, item, sales and purchase records), extranet (used by Buisson customers to consult their information and order online), checkout software (used by the Buisson team to manage invoicing), incoming and inventory entry software (used by the Buisson team).

Development of new solutions

Taking into account the needs and the conclusions of our audit, we developed the various applications. For the intranet and extranet, we used a graphic theme that we customised to develop bespoke interfaces with a responsive design. For the checkout software, we created a specific graphic theme to best meet Buisson's different needs, particularly the need to keep the integration of data "all-keyboard".

Redesign of the website

As part of Buisson's modernisation drive, we also replaced the company's Flash website. This site, using obsolete technologies, no longer allowed adequate visibility online. We therefore replaced it with a one-page responsive design site allowing the company to be visible on all digital media on the market.

Optimisation of the Facebook page

Continuing the modernisation of Buisson's tools, we supported the team in optimising its Facebook page. This way, we optimised the page's visual identity by reusing the same visuals and colours as on the company's website and new software.

Redesign of the logo

The logo also underwent a graphic change in order to modernise it. This change impacted all of the company's communication media (website, software, invoices, etc.), which we took care to update.


We monitor the tools put in place (technical updates and added functionalities).

Technical details:

Management of a large product database. (Purchase, sale, stock)

Management of user rights and profiles.

Secure connection.

Interconnection between intranet and extranet.

Access to a customer and supplier view for administrators.

Management of multiple printers and dot matrix printers.

XLS and PDF data export.

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