You have an idea of a connected object but you do not know how to materialize it?

Némésis studio is composed of a team of enthusiasts, who are specialized in different fields likeengineering, computer sciences, technologies,electronics, computer systems, connected objects and embedded systems.

We can accompany you in the realization of your projects whatever their complexity: embedded systems, communicating objects, connected objects, intelligent objects, Internet of objects, automated industrial systems, etc.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have surrounded ourselves with competent contacts. We can advise you the services of consultants (robotics, etc …) and / or subcontractors for the production of your products (3D printer, customized boxes, etc …).

Our prototyping and IoT expertise

Our experience in the digital field allows us to offer you custom prototyping and IoT solutions that perfectly meet your needs. We develop complete solutions integrating both electronic and software parts.

Our prototyping and IoT services

We can advise you when choosing the technology most suited to your needs, in prototyping (POC) during feasibility studies, in software and hardware development, and in technical support.
Our services cover many domains and we can advise you the services of qualified professionals for your most complex requests requiring specific skills
Némésis studio offers you a turnkey solution for your prototyping and IoT projects.

Prototypage - Némésis studio

Our Prototyping and IoT services

Our actions on the Internet of Things take place in several stages we can carry out globally or individually. From analysis to industrialization, we accompany you for all the stages of your project. Thanks to our experience, we are force of proposal in both industrial B2B and B2C.

Analysis of the project

We are looking at your project as a whole. The goal of this step is to identify all your needs as well as all your technical and economic constraints. The purpose of this analysis is to define the criteria for selecting a suitable solution.

This analysis also makes it possible to carry out a feasibility study in order to minimize the risks of your project while optimizing the time and the associated costs.

The results of this study are detailed in a document that summarizes the action plan, the software and hardware architecture and the energy balance that we deliver to you.

Electronic design

We carefully select each of the embedded electronic components to optimize the energy management of your object and its functionalities.


Prototyping is usually done in several phases to optimize the prototype:

  • Phase 1: We will manufacture a first functional prototype that we test to check its conformity with the specifications.
  • Phase 2: Following the results of phase 1, we adapt and optimize the non-conforming elements in order to realize a second optimal prototype.

Depending on your needs, we can carry out your prototypes but also accompany you in the search for industrial partners for the mass production of your products. Our expertise allows us to select qualified partners according to the field and production volumes to offer you the best value for money.

Technical support and maintenance

We offer quality technical support to help you handle any post-production problems (deployment, integration …) if needed. Technical support is provided by direct phone call and / or e-mail with the person in charge of the project.

Technologies Used


Accelerometer / Gyroscope / Miniature sensors / Nanotechnologies / Luxmeter / Proximity sensor / Thermometer / Hydrometer


Z-Wave / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / Low Energy Bluetooth / ZigBe / LoRa / Near Field Communication / Cable / Radio


Complex Radio-Identification / Surface Acoustic Wave / DNA / Simple Radio-Identification / Barcode / URI / GPS

Data processing

3D data warehouse (compatible with RFID chips) / Semantic Web / Database / Spreadsheet / Integrated management software package / Customer relationship management


3D Printer / Arduino / Raspberry Pi

Application areas

Transport and logistics

Geolocation / Road Safety / Driving Assistance / Autonomous Vehicle / Real Time Logistics Tracking / Automated Inventory

Health and Sport

Physical Activity Monitoring / Assisting in Drug Monitoring / Sleep Monitoring / Tobacco / Activity Tracking

Home Automation

Lighting / Audio / Energy Saving / Security / Household Appliances


Connected Toy / Community Application

Drone and robot

Fun Robot / Food Processor / Recreational Drone / Delivery Drone

Looking for a prototyping service? Do you have a project related to connected objects or simply want to learn more about our services?