Choosing the right type of website

What type of site should I choose to meet my needs?
For each area of activity and purpose, choosing the right type of site is essential!

Nowadays the world is interconnected. It is therefore essential for all actors to be visible on the Internet. Whether you are an e-merchant, an administration, a specialized company or a liberal profession, it is important that your customers and prospects can find you easily on the web. The good visibility and understanding of your activity o Internet must therefore be optimized to the maximum. To do this, you should use the type of site that is appropriate for your business and your needs.

Showcase website

Site vitrine Némésis studio

As the name suggests, a showcase website exposes your business on the web. It gives the user (usually your customers and prospects) all the useful information about your company: your products, your services and your contact details. The showcase site can also give access to a contact form or request for a quotation. This type of site allows your company to be present on the internet. If your sector of activity is very competitive, a simple showcase site is rarely enough to position itself in front of the competition. In this case, a communication strategy using additional web media (blog, newsletter, event site) can optimize your visibility on the web.
Example of showcase site realized by Némésis studio:

Institutional website

Site institutionnel Némésis studio

The institutional site is not to be confused with the showcase site. The latter is a marketing tool intended for clients and prospects, while the institutional site is a presentation tool intended for a specific audience (partners, investors, shareholders, press). The institutional site presents the organization, history and values of the company. It is used in particular to present commitments and key figures of the company or to communicate on financial information (stock market price, annual report). It is also possible to find parts dedicated to recruitment or press relations.

Example of a famous institutional site:

E-commerce website

Site e-commerce Némésis studio

Ideally designed for online sales professionals, the e-commerce site allows you to easily manage your online shop: on-line products (prices, descriptions, quantities), accounting management (VAT calculation, invoices suppliers) , Sales study (statistics, best sales, etc.), customer service (order form, invoice, after-sales service, order tracking, refund), online payment module.

Example of an e-commerce site realized by Némésis studio:

Mobile website

Nowadays, Internet sites are more and more consulted via smartphones or tablets. The mobile site allows you to offer your customers a simplified version of your website specially designed for mobile and tablet display. It ensures a fast loading of the site and an optimized use for the navigation on the tactile supports. Attention: do not confuse the mobile site with the responsive site which is a site that adapts to the size of the screen on which it is displayed.

Example of the display of the site of Némésis studio on mobile

Site mobile Némésis studio

Event website

Site événementiel Némésis studio

Are you a professional ? Would you like to set up specific communication actions like game contest, the launch of a new product, sales or a conference ? The event site is for you. Designed to be intuitive and entertaining, the event site offers several features (register, participate, share). Ideally created to highlight short actions, the event site is the essential tool of your communication actions.

Example of an event site realized by Némésis studio

Intranet / Extranet

Site intranet extranet Némésis studio

Every company must have the necessary tools to optimize its management and production. The intranet / extranet sites are internal sites dedicated to companies. The implementation of this type of site simplifies the actions and internal communication of your company. With the intranet / extranet, only the authorized persons (employees, collaborators) can access the web platform and benefit from the tools available: access to news, company directory, business software, project management tools.

Example of intranet realized by Némésis studio:


The online portals, which are widely used in banking and mutual banking, allow users to connect to a space giving access to various tools and functionalities using an identifier and a password. You can thus give your users access to specific services from a single interface: centralize exchanges, processes, carry out specific operations or requests, or consult their account or modify their personal information .

Personal website

Site personnel Némésis studio

Not only professionals are entitled to visibility o internet. You may be an individual and you want to highlight your passion, your skills or your activity? The personal website is for you. Ideal to promote a know-how, an art or simply to put forward a person, the personal site often takes the form of an interactive CV or a portfolio.

Example of a personal site


Blog Némésis studio

You’ve probably already heard about blogs. This is an ideal tool to improve your communication and strengthen your online reputation. Whatever your field of activity is, setting up a blog improves your natural SEO. Several types of information can be posted on a blog such as news, mood tickets, articles related to specific topics. Set up a blog is ideal to convey information that you will find useful to your customers and prospects and thus prove your expertise in your field of activity.

Example of a blog created by Némésis studio:

Collaborative / community website

Site collaboratif ou communautaire Némésis studio

Forums, wikis, social networks, knowledge bases, are collaborative or community sites. They offer many services related to the communication of Internet users and are often administered by communities of users. They can be private (accessible only to authorized people like the knowledge base of Némésis studio in the picture above) or public like Wikipedia for example. These sites are perfect for capitalizing your company’s knowledge, sharing your expertise and adding human to your communication strategy.

Example of a famous collaborative site:

Customized website

Site sur mesure Némésis studio

Maybe the different sites we proposed for now do not fully answer your search.You may also have something more complex and accurate in mind for your company. If this is the case we will gladly respond to any specific needs you may have. Contact our team and we will propose you a customized development in your image.


Whether you are a company, an administration, a liberal profession, an individual or a specialized company, your visibility is largely on the Internet. You already have your web project in mind and need a competent and dynamic team to set it up? Or do you need to be guided from A to Z by professionals to have a successful product? Want to upgrade your current site? Whatever your situation is, we are here! You think of your project and we realize it by working in total collaboration.