Commercial management software

Buisson SA


Buisson, wholesaler food workout, has been implemented at the heart of Rungis international market since 1982. its services. It is on this last point that Buisson appealed to Nemesis.


Indeed, Buisson appealed to Némésis studio to modernize its commercial management system.


The Buisson team deplored the loss of performance of its commercial management software, which allows them to manage their customers, orders and deliveries.

Following the closure of the company that was in charge of the maintenance, this software, developed in the 90’s, was not maintained anymore since 2008.


Complete the redesign of the software by integrating old and new features.
Keeping all key functions “running” in order to allow users to remain efficient in data entry.

Digital solutions put in place

Existing study

The first step of our audit consisted in analyzing the tools in place and the use made of them by the Buisson team. We were able to precisely define the features to keep, those to modify or delete, as well as those to add to best meet the needs of the company Buisson.

Proposal for new solutions

In a second step, we defined the most suitable solution for Buisson based on our study. We came up with a solution divided into 4 interconnected software:

    • Intranet: used by the Buisson team to manage customer records, suppliers, articles, sales and purchases.
    • Extranet: used by Buisson customers to view their information and order online.
    • Cashier software: used by the Buisson team to manage the invoicing part.
    • Receipt and inventory capture software: used by the Buisson team.

Development of new solutions

Taking into account the needs and conclusions of our audit, we have developed the various applications.

For intranets and extranets, we used a graphical theme that we customized to develop intuitively responsive and responsive design interfaces. Regarding the cash register software, we have created a specific graphic theme to best meet the different needs of Buisson including the need to keep the integration of data “just keyboard”.

Redesign of the website

In Buisson’s modernization drive, we have also replaced the company’s Flash website. This site, using obsolete technologies, no longer allowed proper visibility on the Internet. We have therefore replaced it with a one page responsive design site allowing the company to be visible on all the digital media of the market.

Optimizing the Facebook page

In line with the modernization of Buisson’s tools, we accompanied the team in optimizing its Facebook page. We have optimized the visual identity of the page by reusing the same visuals and colors as on the website and the new software of the company.

Logo redesign

The logo has also undergone a graphic change to modernize it. This change has impacted all the communication media of the company (website, software, invoices, etc.) that we have taken care to update.


We monitor the tools put in place (technical updates and additions of features) and support the company Buisson including for the promotion of commercial events.

The project in brief

Business Management Software


Date of online publication: 29/12/2018

Technologies: CMS WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP

Technical Details

Management of a consequent product database. (Purchase, Sale, Stock)
Management rights and user profiles.
Secure connection.
Interconnection between intranet and extranet.
Accessing a customer and vendor view for administrators.
Management of several printers and dot matrix printers.
Export XLS and PDF data.