Xibo: innovative dynamic display

Try a new communication experience

Xibo is an OpenSource dynamic display software that allows you to stream your multimedia content onto screens. Dynamic display is a powerful communication tool perfect to energize a space (places of passage, waiting room, reception, checkout, etc.). Xibo is an ideal software for professional use because it is customizable, intuitive, efficient and safe. With Xibo, creating your own TV channel and administrating it is a child’s play: you manage your media via the online administration interface, players connected to your screens automatically update and your content is broadcasted where and when you want.


Xibo offers many features

Xibo offers many useful features for businesses:

  • Wide range of media used: Videos, Flash, Power Point, Photos, HTML page, RSS feed, etc.
  • Client-server application
  • Administration with an intuitive interface
  • Interface accessible from Web browser: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.
  • Updating content in real time
  • Broadcast Programming
  • Supervising the screen pool from the web interface
  • Management of user rights
  • Secure data

To learn more about the Xibo Dynamic Display solution, please visit xibo.org.


Nemesis studio accompanies you in the settings of Xibo

We accompany many companies as well as large groups in the development of their digital communication projects. Our specialist team assists you in the realization of your dynamic display projects using Xibo. With many years of experience, we can set up xibo, accompany you to take in charge your new working tool and to deploy the solution in your different places. For more information, do not hesitate to visit our dedicated site to digital display www.affichage-dynamique-hd.com.