WordPress: manageable website

WordPress is a free CMS, a content management system for administrating blogs and websites. Thanks to the richness of its functionalities and its intuitive interface, WordPress is today the reference OpenSource solution to create a manageable website.


Simple and intuitive web content publishing solution


WordPress is the ideal solution for those who wish to be able to regularly update or publish content on their site. WordPress makes it easy to create and manage an entire web site with a well-designed administration interface. The interface visible to the visitors of the site is totally customizable using the numerous themes and extensions created by a very large community of contributors. WordPress also includes many practical features that can be supplemented with extensions / modules:

  • Managing pages: Creating, editing, and deleting static pages
  • Articles management: creation, modification and delete of articles classified by categories
  • Versioning: ability to revert to previous versions of articles and pages
  • Comment management: ability to set rules for using comments on your site
  • Spam protection: WordPress natively has this feature and protects your site from the main spams
  • User management: possibility to create several users and assign them rights
  • Media management: A media library provides access to all your image, video, music, and other content. This tool is very useful for creating image galleries.


Nemésis studio accompanies you in setting up your WordPress site


Our specialist team accompanies you in the realization of your web projects using WordPress. With many years of experience, we can set up your WordPress but also advise you on the choice of a graphic theme and help you to take in charge your new website.