vTiger CRM: Integrated customer relationship management

How does a CRM like vTiger benefit your company?


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is, as the name suggests it, a software dedicated to the management of customer relations. By optimizing the processing and analysis of prospect and customer data, the CRM makes it possible to better satisfy them and thus to retain them. As a result, companies that use a CRM can see a significant increase in their margin and turnover.


What is vTiger CRM?


VTiger CRM is an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) application, which can be used in Intranet or from the Internet via a web browser. Open Source, vTiger CRM is mainly intended for SMEs and SMIs that have a BtoB activity. VTiger CRM can also be useful for non-commercial organizations, associations and some large companies.


A proven customer relationship management solution


VTiger CRM enables employees to manage their business in:

  • Management of the commercial activity (client accounts and prospects, contacts, business / opportunities, estimations, invoices, …)
  • Support or assistance to customers and after-sales service (creation and follow-up of service tickets)
  • Range of products or services (creation of product catalog and inventory tracking)
  • Analysis of activity through reports and dashboards


VTiger CRM provides access to previous functionalities using:

  • Modules built into each other in a Web Interface
  • Plug-ins including office automation and e-mail tools
  • A customer portal


VTiger CRM is also appreciated for its management of user rights and its many customization possibilities. In addition, vTiger CRM has support and maintenance actively supported by official developers of vTiger CRM for patches, but also by the many contributors of the dedicated open source community. The community participates in discussion forums to answer the technical or functional questions of the users and share their experience in deploying the vTiger CRM solution in a wide variety of contexts.


Finally, vTiger CRM is a customer relationship management solution with many advantages:

  • Its versatility in customer relationship management
  • Its free use of rights
  • Its ease of handling
  • Its interoperability with office automation and e-mail tools
  • Its secure portal for customer interaction
  • Its maintenance and support by the open source community of vTiger CRM, supported by the official development team


Nemésis studio supports you in setting up vTiger CRM


Our specialist team will support you in your projects related to vTiger CRM. With many years of experience, we can implement vTiger CRM, customize it to meet your needs, but also advise and support you in choosing complementary tools.