OwnCloud: Online data synchronization solution

Synchronize your data online with ownCloud


OwnCloud is a well known and widespread open source synchronization and file management service. It is actually a server where the data of one or more devices are synchronized to group them within the same space. This space is then accessible from any web browser with any device connected to internet. This server can also be used by several people who then use ownCloud as a place to centralize common data.


OwnCloud offers many features


The ownCloud web interface offers many useful features for companies:

  • Access your files from any web browser
  • Import and share contacts
  • Share your calendar
  • Restore a file that was deleted by mistake
  • Create a task list
  • Listen to music and view photos
  • Access ownCloud usage statistics


Pros of ownCloud


  • Synchronization of files between different devices (computers, smartphones, tablets)
  • Sharing files between internal and external users
  • Streaming Online Music Playback
  • WebDav File Server
  • Calendar with CalDav synchronization
  • Contact Manager (CardDav))
  • Multi-user online text editor (up to 5 people on one document)
  • Versioning System
  • Text / PDF File Viewer
  • Image gallery for viewing photos and videos


Nemesis studio accompanies you in setting up your ownCloud


Our specialist team accompanies you in the realization of your web projects using ownCloud. With many years of experience, we can set up your ownCloud, personalize it and accompany you when you take control of your new work tool.