Liferay: business portal ready to use

Liferay is an open source solution allowing the creation of a company portal integrating EDM tools. A multitude of plugins developed specifically or not are available to embellish the basic solution of Liferay.


A corporate portal with a multitude of features

Liferay is a company portal designed to meet many needs through a variety of services and applications such as:

  • Content and document management with possible integration of Microsoft Office
  • Publication of websites and shared workspaces (Intranet, Extranet)
  • Corporate social networks
  • Enterprise Portals and Identity Management
  • Business Application Integration


The common uses of Liferay

With Liferay, organizations can deploy content management solutions based on workflows. Updates and content creation are often accomplished by non-technical contributors and must be validated by approvers in an internal publishing process. The Liferay portal also integrates the EDM (Electronic Document Management) functionality. As for content, documents can be centralized and made available through the company’s portal. The ability of the portal to allow users to create their own communities gives organizations and teams the ability to create a web space and assign a set of collaborative tools (blogs, wiki, calendar, tasks, alerts, sharing Documents, etc.). A user can create and join one or more communities and organize collaboration within that community. Portals are also able to support a whole collaborative company. As teams collaborate, significant resources are created and can be exploited by other teams throughout the organization.


Némésis studio accompanies you in setting up Liferay

Our specialist team accompanies you in the realization of your web projects using Liferay. With many years of experience, we can set up your Liferay solution and help you take control of your new tool.