OpenSource solutions

Looking for a software perfectly adapted to your needs?

OpenSource is probably the solution for you!

What is Open Source?


The term “Open Source” is used when the license associated with a software indicates the freedom to use, study, modify and redistribute copies, modified or not.


Why use Open Source softwares?


OpenSource software has several advantages:

  • Quality and durability of source code: OpenSource software is constantly being upgraded by developer communities
  • Low cost: OpenSource software is not necessarily free but its operating price is always more interesting than for a proprietary software
  • Flexibility: OpenSource software can be improved to exactly meet your expectations (adding features, updating).


Némésis studio, OpenSource company


Since 2003, we support you in the design and realization of your various web projects. We put at your disposal our knowledge and our know-how to offer you the solutions best suited to your needs. Often the best solution is OpenSource software.

The OpenSource softwares we use are all proven and are market references used by reputable companies. Here are a few :

This list is not exhaustive, do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find the solution adapted to your needs.