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Get the most out of your business with your App!

Is it still possible to live without smartphones? Some of us do it but are no majority. Indeed, at the moment, the smartphone is the perfect connected tool. Not being accessible on this platform is more and more disadvantageous for businesses. Having its own mobile application allows a better visibility and easier accessibility. Does your company already have a website? Why not propose its declination in a mobile application and thus bring new services to your customers?

Mobile Application Development

The Némésis studio team is at your service to follow your strategy in the development of your applications: games, connected objects, news, comparators, catalogs, simulators, social networks, etc.

You are the head, we are the hands, you imagine your application, we realize it!

We offer 2 solutions for mobile / tablet application developments: native or hybrid.

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Native development

The native development consists of developing your application with the specific languages and tools of each operating system (mainly iOS and Android).


Advantage of the native application

The advantage of this method is that your application can benefit from all the specific functionalities of each operating system and interact with the components of the device. For example, it can use the geolocation system, the gyro, the pickup sensor, the camera, etc. without problem.


Disadvantage of the native application

If you want your native application to be available on Android and iOS then you need two separate applications. The native development constrains, in fact, to create as many applications as desired platforms since their codes are made in completely different languages. As a result, the cost of a native multiplatform application is often higher than an application developed with the hybrid development method.

Hybrid development

Hybrid development consists of developing an application with a single source code which is then compiled on different platforms like iOS and Android.


Advantage of Hybrid Application

The advantage of this method is that your application is coded with only one language, JavaScript. This makes it possible to develop the application more quickly (especially since this code can be used on several platforms) and thus reduce development costs.


Disadvantage of hybrid application

Take into account that some difficulties of interaction can be encountered, in particular with some native functionalities of the devices. Our team is at your disposal to help you to study your project and to list the functionalities that your application will have.